Friday Worship

Worship with a Twist

“Make a joyful noise before the Lord”  Psalm 100:1


At Kildonan United Church, we recognise that Sunday morning is not a good time for everyone to come to Church. We recognise too that Sunday morning Worship, with its hymns and more formal style for prayers and sermon, does not meet everyone’s needs. Furthermore, we realise that attention spans are short and that many young people do not want to sit still and listen to someone just talking. This is why we have Worship with a Twist. We took the name from the theme of the first Friday evening service, Twist and Shout, and yes, The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” was the first song we played.

this little light

We encourage worshippers to use their voices and bodies to worship God. We do not expect people to sit still. But, we are learning about God. Each week, we learn one Bible verse, which forms the theme of the service. We do not sing from the hymn book, but we use videos to sing and dance to. We sing and dance to more contemporary music by bands such as Third Day, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me and Bruce Springsteen. If you have not seen his video for “This Little Light of Mine” then check it out, it is on You Tube.


If you are wanting something new in Worship, be sure to come and join us on a Friday evening at 7:00 PM. In September, we will begin telling the stories of David, including his epoch changing struggle with Goliath, and his successes and failures as King of Israel. These stories will lead us into the Christmas story, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus as a descendant of the great King of Israel.

If there is one song that defines us, it is Third Day’s Soul on Fire. Be sure to rock to this song as we play it often. And come and add your voices to ours as we worship the great ruler of the universe.

soul on fire

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