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Worship with a Twist Schedule
Winter-Spring 2017

January 13        Names, Nicknames & Titles
January 20        Giving one another compliments
January 27        When Name calling hurts
February 3        A nickname for me
February 10        Let’s Watch “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat”
February 17        Sharing our gifts
February 24        Turning to Lent – preparing for Shrove Tuesday
March 3        Sharing ashes, learning to repent
March 10        In the wild places with Jesus
March 17        Fun in Lent: St. Patrick’s Day
March 24        Fun in Lent 2: Holy Humour
March 31        Fun in Lent 3: End of Spring Break Beach Party
April 7        Communion and Last Supper for Youth
April 14        Good Friday
April 21        Easter Reflections
April 28        Check in Day: How are we feeling?
May 5        Spring Scavenger Hunt in Kildonan Park
May 12        Thinking of our moms
May 19        Victoria Day.  Who is Victoria anyway?
May 26        Things we Take for Granted: Walking in the Neighbourhood
June 2        Why we praise God
June 9        Looking back on the year: Good things that have happened to us
June 16        Looking forward: What do we want from the summer?
June 23        Full circle: Messy Olympics Part 2
June 30        BBQ & Ice Cream with a Twist

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