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The following is a summary of the purpose, duties and responsibilities and membership of our council as well as the standing committees and groups.  More detailed descriptions are available upon request.


  • This committee is responsible for the planning and conduct of worship, music and the spiritual well-being of our church.
  • Also provides leadership in studying and meeting the spiritual education needs of the congregation.  It oversees Sunday School, mid-week and youth groups, adult study programs, as well as provides leadership training, selects curriculum and resources.  It too prepares an annual report and budget.


  • Oversees the routine Human Resources functions of the congregation.


  • This committee coordinates and encourages the work of lay ministry representatives in membership visitation, welcoming new members, promoting church growth, and caring for people in transition.  The committee offers fellowship opportunities, provides and arranges for visitation programs, keeps the ministerial staff advised of new information and produces a newsletter.  This committee is also responsible for study and action regarding local and global issues.


  • The repair and maintenance of all church property is the responsibility of this committee.  It recommends to the congregation the appointment of the church treasurer and ensures that proper financial records are maintained, administers receipts and expenditures, maintains adequate insurance protection, prepares an annual budget for the congregation, and prepare an annual report and audited financial statement


  • Administers, guides, motivates and educates the congregation as to stewardship and financial affairs.  It facilitates the understanding of “time, talent and treasure” to the local church, the United Church of Canada and her missions, and the wider community.


  • It oversees and recommends approaches to and subsequently takes responsibility for the annual Stewardship Campaign, and prepares a committee budget and annual report.


  • This committee administers donations to the memorial fund and makes decisions regarding suitable memorial gifts.  Recommendations are made to Council, commonly after consultation with next-of-kin.  Thank you notes are sent to donors and the next of kin is notified.


  • Recruits people to serve on various committees of the church and Council.  It prepares lists of willing nominees and presents them to the annual meetings, and attempts to bolster committee membership during the year as the need arises.


  • This committee oversees the use/rental of the church building.  Meetings are held as required, and the committee membership consists of the Property and Finance Committee chair, President of UCW, chair of the Worship Committee, plus ministry staff.


  • The purpose of this group is to unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church and to provide a means of expression of their loyalty and devotion in witness, study, fellowship and service.  The UCW is often called upon to help with functions we host, and UCW-sponsored events during the church year (such as the Fall Supper and Fall Bazaar) are significant components of the annual budget.  This group is open to all women.


  • Holds all of the congregation’s property as part of the United Church of Canada.  It ensures that adequate property and liability insurance is carried, and that a definite procedure for maintenance and repairs exists.  It is responsible for the management of our trust funds.  As need arises the Council suggests persons to the Congregation for consideration.


  • This is the primary governing body of the church, and provides leadership to the congregation.  It conducts all ongoing business, receives and reviews committee reports of actions and decisions, and delegates work to those committees as required.  It reviews financial needs and recommends to the congregation an annual budget.  Regular updates, both on congregational matters and the work of the wider church, are provided to the congregation.  The Council sets policies and procedures as well as visions and goals for congregational approval.  Meetings are held monthly except during July and August, and membership consists of the chair, secretary, treasurer, congregational representatives (up to four adults and two youth), UCW president, two Presbytery representatives, the minister, as well as the chair or designate of each standing committee.

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